Welcome to Yocum Technology Group

We are a full service consulting firm that specializes in cross platform mobile development, web development, database design and development, and business system development. We generally work on a per project basis to help you to achieve your project's goals. We can also work in a staffing capacity as well to help augment your staff as your development needs fluctuate. We have a wide cadre of senior consultants that operate in a flex capacity to allow us to spin up a solid team for your project. Our flex team is distributed across the continental United States.

We serve many industries including: healthcare; finance; services industry; education; and government.



Implementing Azure functionality into web and mobile projects. Large integrations to small sites.

Cross Platform

We are an Authorized Xamarin Consulting Partner, one of only a few in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Custom .Net

We specialize building software in the Microsoft stack for .net: ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, WPF, etc

Web Dev

Fullstack javascript development - React, Angular, and yes, still KnockOut


Beacons and Raspberry Pi are our thing. We've developed software integrating in IoT components


We have built out Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for our clients in VSO


Everything from database design and warehousing to Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL)

Line of Business

The majority of our projects are in delivering business software for our clients


Yocum Technology Group has strategic partnerships with several vendors. These partnerships allow us to provide excellent services and products to our clients. Our strategic partnership with a well respected Microsoft Managed Premier Partner allows us to staff projects of any size with extremely talented resources, in a short turnaround time.


We have been an Authorized Xamarin Consulting Partner since 2015


Digital marketing content creation platform, and delivery via the Physical Web


We are a reseller for Bkon beacons. We've found these to be the best beacons for use with the Physical Web

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