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4 Proven Ways To Accelerate Your Growth From Startup To Thriving SMB


In 2018, SMBs suffered over 1,200 data breaches exposing 446+ million records. Now that you know the facts, what is your small business doing to keep security, productivity and efficiency top of mind? For tips, check out this @Forbes article highlighting four ways to accelerate SMB growth and stay secure.

Here are four things to keep in mind when you're growing your startup:

  1. Stay personally invested
  2. Fine-tune your value proposition
  3. Opportunity only knocks once
  4. Stay on top of security

With regard to the last item, more than 446 million records were exposed in over 1,200 data breaches within the Small/Medium business (SMB) space in 2018. How secure is your business? Check out this article for four tips to accelerate business growth and remain secure.