Yocum Technology Group LLC

Customer Experience Is More Important Than Ever

"More than any other factor, customer experiences determine whether companies thrive and profit, or struggle and fade"*

Are your legacy applications in need of an overhaul? We can help.

Stay Connected with Microsoft Teams
Your work, all in one place. Maintain productivity and stay connected with your team by communicating, sharing, and collaborating with Microsoft Teams! Yocum Technology Group can help your team get there.

The future is low-code!
Low-code is a simplified method for building professional-grade apps without technical training or expertise. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you implement low-code solutions with Microsoft Power Apps or with our own low-code solutions.

So, you're already building software, but you're still deploying via sneakernet, cd, or thumb drive? We can help you to automate your software CI/CD process and help prevent deployment headaches.

Process Improvement
You already have your team, but need help with increasing efficiency and getting your team to perform better? Let us help you. We can augment your team with our consultants, processes, and frameworks....