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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service Customer Success Story: Yougenio

By Tim Yocum | September 8, 2020

Yougenio, an e-Digital company offering facility services via an e-commerce platform, uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service solutions to create remarkable customer experiences. With the support of Yocum Technology Group your company can, too. Watch this video for inspiration.

Bringing remote patient care to remote patients with Microsoft Power BI and Azure

By Tim Yocum | September 8, 2020

How do you bring expert healthcare to remote villages in South Africa? For Dr. Raymond Campbell, founder of Phulukisa Health Solutions, cloud-enabled backpacks powered by Microsoft #Azure and #Power BI provided the solution. Each backpack’s device is able to screen for common diseases like tuberculosis, diabetes, and HIV, then deliver the test results back to field doctors within minutes. Watch this short video to see how #Microsoft solutions are enabling one doctor’s vision to help save lives, then contact Yocum Technology Group to see how we can help bring your organization’s vision to life.

Help customers work together with Microsoft technology

By Tim Yocum | September 8, 2020

Did you know that 83% of employees depend on technology to work together? How are you helping your teams work together to do their best work?

Now, you can offer your team an integrated #Teamworksolution from #Microsoft. By streamlining communication, you can help your employees bring their teams and resources together, connect with users outside the company, and even work remotely.

Why wait? Contact our team at Yocum Technology Group to get started today.

Run effective meetings with Microsoft Teams

By Tim Yocum | September 8, 2020

Even if you and your team are working from home, you still need meetings to keep the business moving. However, meetings—both in-person and virtual can too often be unproductive. As all meetings move remote, it’s more important than ever to keep them engaging and productive. Microsoft can show you how. This virtual class from a Microsoft training specialist covers tips to make the most of your Microsoft Teams meetings from beginning to end.

Itaú Unibanco boosts service availability and data processing with SQL Server 2019

By Tim Yocum | September 8, 2020

As a banking leader in Latin America and one of the largest banks in the world, Itaú Unibanco handles thousands of transactions every second. By migrating to @MicrosoftAzure SQL Server, Itaú Unibanco can confidently scale data collection and infrastructure maintenance while continuing to deliver high-level service. Watch this video to learn more:

Five Ways Big Data Can Help Your Business Succeed

By Tim Yocum | September 3, 2020

Harvard Business Review shows 99% of businesses surveyed plan to implement big data analytics and AI, but only 30% have succeeded. With Microsoft Azure, Yocum Technology Group accelerates the transition, enabling you to use Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics 365 to get the deep data insights you need to fuel growth.

The value of moving to Azure

By Tim Yocum | September 3, 2020

What’s right for you? With Microsoft Azure, you have choices. Run part of your business in the cloud, on your terms and your timeline. Pay only for what you use. Take advantage of free assessment and migration tools. #Azure migration has so much cost-effective innovation, we’d love to share it with you. Contact us Yocum Technology Group.

Lackluster Teamwork? Tips For Boosting Performance

By Tim Yocum | September 2, 2020

What are you doing to help your teams work better together?

#Teamwork is about more than just changing the way that employees communicate. It’s about understanding the roots of human behavior and putting in the work to keep your employees engaged. Check out this article for tips to boost teamwork in your business.

Need help getting started? Contact our team at Yocum Technology Group for more on how our #Microsoft Teamwork solutions can help your employees do their best work.

Get started with Microsoft Teams quick start

By Tim Yocum | September 2, 2020

Microsoft Teams can help your remote employees feel more connected and be more productive regardless of department. In this guide, you’ll discover actionable tips and tricks to make the most of Teams for all your employees—marketing, sales, finance, HR, IT, engineering, and project management. Learn how now.

Why Microsoft Services for Modernization

By Tim Yocum | September 2, 2020

There is no easy migration approach, but Microsoft Services can help make it easier by providing “relationship-based, end-to-end capabilities that helps you manage costs and risk, augment your in-house IT skills, and migrate your applications to a modern cloud.” You choose your strategy—lift and shift, optimized, or modernized. Check out this datasheet for more detailed information and connect with Yocum Technology Group. @Azure #Azure