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Kelly Roofing uses PowerApps to capture photos at work sites

By Tim Yocum | April 17, 2021

A roofing contractor needed a task-focused mobile solution to file project status updates quickly. Low connectivity areas, plus 100 work orders-a-week slowed down the process and added a hefty after-hours workload. Kelly Roofing needed a cost-effective solution that worked with their existing system. Enter Microsoft Power Apps. Within a few weeks their custom app transformed […]

Scale as you grow with Power Apps

By Tim Yocum | April 16, 2021

This brief video shows you how Microsoft Power Apps helps your business, developing at scale with quality and security. Whether your business needs a thousand apps or just a few, Power Apps capabilities enable you with agility and speed. Learn more here:

Customer story: Garner Foods

By Tim Yocum | January 12, 2021

Although Garner Foods is based in South Carolina, they sell their products all over the world. With digital tools, their projects are easily managed remotely, and team members can work from anywhere.

With help from Microsoft Business, Garner Foods remains a fourth-generation family business while becoming a world-class operation in terms of IT infrastructure. And with enterprise-grade #security across all company- and employee-owned devices, company information is always secure.

Contact us at Yocum Technology Group to learn what else you can do with our #Microsoft solutions!

FINNING | Challenges and Opportunities with IoT Apps on Azure Cloud

By Tim Yocum | January 11, 2021

In the digital age, experience is valued, but having the right data is priceless. With it, decision makers can completely avoid guesswork and predict possible issues before they even occur. Watch how Finning has successfully used #IoT to empower its workforce with customized, relevant data across all levels, then follow Yocum Technology Group to get started with #AzureIoT.

Drive better relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Subscribe to learn more.

By Tim Yocum | January 5, 2021

Harness your data to enable growth and innovation, not hinder them. Subscribe now to Yocum Technology Group and receive the latest insights into how @MSFTDynamics365 and #Azure can empower your sales teams and digital strategies.

Protect your business: Recognize the top three security threats, plus one you may not know about

By Tim Yocum | January 5, 2021

Security threats take many forms. You may know about the three most common types of cyberattacks (viruses, phishing, and ransomware), but do you know about the internal security threats your company faces?

Awareness is the first step in security and prevention. If you’re unsure of how to protect your company from cyberattacks, we can help. Check out this e-book and give us a call to get started.

Incredible Real-World Applications Prove the IoT Is Here to Stay

By Tim Yocum | January 5, 2021

IoT devices have dramatically changed the way we interact with technology. But what about our cities and industries? Read this article to learn how the #IoT is helping improve thousands of lives with #PredictiveAnalysis of crime rates, traffic levels, and industrial accidents.

Helsanas goes digital and improves customer experiences with Microsoft technologies

By Tim Yocum | January 5, 2021

Siloed data sources can slow innovation to a crawl and lead to unfulfilling customer experiences. Watch how Helsana—a top Swiss insurance provider—reaped the full benefits of digital integration by using #Microsoft #Dynamics365 and #Azure. Then contact Yocum Technology Group to learn more about Microsoft solutions.

Prevent data leaks

By Tim Yocum | January 5, 2021

The global average cost of a data breach is $3.6 million. Is your company prepared to deal with the fallout from a cyberattack?

With our security solutions from Microsoft 365 Business, you can take advantage of the latest data-loss protection policies to ensure that your sensitive data is always protected. With a simple, cost-effective security solution that’s easy to use, you can’t go wrong.

Contact our team at Yocum Technology Group to learn how you can prevent data leaks with our #Microsoft365Business solutions.

The 3 phases of an effective IoT strategy

By Tim Yocum | January 4, 2021

Implementing an #IoT strategy is not as simple as plug-and-play. During each of its 3 stages, there are specific tools and actions all businesses need to execute to ensure favorable outcomes. Read this infographic to learn all about them, then follow Yocum Technology Group to begin your IoT journey with #Microsoft.