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Six types of remote workers and how to support them

By Tim Yocum | September 22, 2020

Are you ready to bring new levels of #productivity to your #team? Check out this e-book for best practices on how to support #remote employees and empower them to do their best work.

This e-book outlines specific challenges unique to remote workers and how you can overcome common hurdles and promote stability and creativity among your team.

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Help customers work from almost anywhere, on any device, with Microsoft technology

By Tim Yocum | September 22, 2020

More than 50% of employees report that mobile technology helps them achieve work-life balance by enhancing productivity. What could you do with all the time saved by taking the communication hassles out of teamwork?

With the latest communication technology from #Microsoft #Teamworksolutions, you can connect the tools and services that employees use every day in a single hub. With mobile apps designed to help you work on the go, your employees can work better together.

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How Modern BI Delivers Insights to Anyone, Anywhere, At Any Time.

By Tim Yocum | September 22, 2020

By the 2020s, only 25% of companies on the S&P 500 will be ones that exist today. An astounding 75% will be companies not on the index today. With Power BI, Yocum Technology Group can help your organization thrive in a world of change by delivering insights to anyone, anywhere at any time. Check out this infographic to see discover how.

Systems Imagination uses SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters to deliver cutting-edge medical insights

By Tim Yocum | September 22, 2020

Systems Imagination uses @Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters to deliver personalized results based on petabytes of data to its customers within hours while simultaneously keeping operating costs low. Learn more with this video:

4 Keys to Satisfying 21st Century Customers

By Tim Yocum | September 16, 2020

When nearly 60% of customers will move to a new brand or company for better customer service, it’s time to transform customer service from afterthought to priority. Read this article for tips. Contact Yocum Technology Group to learn how solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help you more easily satisfy the new breed of 21st century customers.

Breakthrough teamwork tools: 4 tips to identify what works for you

By Tim Yocum | September 16, 2020

Even though your team is working from home, you know they can be so successful. You know they can do more. This eBook can show you how to empower your employees to connect and collaborate easier using teamwork tools. Learn how to communicate without effort, be more productive through better integration, customize features, and work with confidence. Start reading today!

eBook: The ultimate guide to Windows Server 2019

By Tim Yocum | September 16, 2020

Interested in equipping your team with the security and hybrid capabilities of #Windows Server 2019? Check out this eBook from @Microsoft to learn how to update your infrastructure, enable cloud-native app creation, and more with Windows Server.

Empower your business with Power BI! Subscribe now and never miss a post.

By Tim Yocum | September 16, 2020

Business data is exploding. Put this data to work for your business with the leading end-to-end analytics solution: #Microsoft #PowerBI and #Azure. Not only is this combination fast, secure, and easy to use, but it also places business data in the hands of everyone in your organization, enabling anyone to transform business data into actionable insights. Subscribe now to learn more about Power BI and Azure, and to stay informed on other Microsoft solutions.

Want To Be A Remote Worker? Get These Digital Skills

By Tim Yocum | September 16, 2020

Tired of being chained to your desk? Do your customers want to brush up on their digital skills so they can easily work remotely?

Now, with #Teamworksolutions from #Microsoft, working remotely just got a whole lot easier. With #communication tools like calendaring, video conferencing, and instant messaging, you can enable your team to work from almost anywhere, on any device.

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Empowering remote work with Microsoft Teams

By Tim Yocum | September 15, 2020

With employees still working from home, fostering virtual connections is crucial. Empower your employees to stay connected and keep business running smoothly by leveraging Microsoft Teams. This infographic shows you how you can help your employees embrace online communication, stay focused on meetings, share content easily, and stay connected with each other. This infographic shows you how.