Empowered By Technology, Wealth Managers Will Take Personalization To The Next Level

The value of deeper insight into your customers can affect the new products and services you offer. It can grow your business in ways you hadn’t even considered. Today’s customers expect more. Read this article and reach out to Yocum Technology Group to find out how to implement and make AI work for you.

Technologies like machine learning that make sense of data and patterns are essential. So are the incisive analytics that can result from its use.

The report, titled “The Next-Generation Wealth Manager,” found that 64% of executives in wealth management said they are able to create distinct client profiles for highly personalized service, and 86% said artificial intelligence is important or highly important in delivering data analysis and personalized insights. That’s significant because nine in 10 said analytics has the same level of importance.

Taken together, the findings suggest that wealth managers are all-in on technology and have advanced their digitization and deployment of AI with big strides. Still, over a third are not able to deliver highly personalized service, a touchstone of the business.

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