Collaboration and networks are about people not data. What opportunities and concerns should you consider when using network data analytics to transform your organization?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HR have become closely acquainted in recent years but as AI penetrates deeper into organizations, there are challenges when it comes to applying AI into analyzing employee networks.

Artificial Intelligence is being applied to almost anything and everything, with even the most banal information delivering telling revelations once the data is collated and interrogated. Anyone in doubt should consider the last time they visited a favorite online shopping store and glanced at some of the ads being offered up; the techniques used to analyze what you have bought and rejected to second-guess what you might buy can produce startlingly accurate results.

Collaboration and networks are about people not data. In this Forbes article, the CEO of, a worldwide network of AI and Machine Learning experts, explores opportunities and concerns around the use of network data analysis to transform organizations.

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